Thank you for taking the time to visit Hann Powerboats.  We build boats that satisfy!  Our customers include the United States Air Force, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, the United States Navy, the United States Army Corps of Engineers, and numerous private entities.  New for 2014 will be the latest Hann 50 with a wider beam and many extra features integral to the boat itself.  

Biggest Center Console on the Market

Hann 50 Center Console

  • Diesel or Outboard Options
  • 50 Knot Cruise (57 MPH)
  • 35 Gallons per Hour Fuel Burn
  • Amazing comfort and ride
  • Biggest open center console
  • Short, enclosed center cabin
  • Extended, enclosed cabin
  • 50 feet of power and comfort

Hann 40 Peacemaker

The Hann 40 Peacemaker is an aluminum patrol boat designed to support mission specific goals and operational objectives.This boat provides exceptional performance in lakes, harbors, bays, and offshore. 
  • First Responder
  • Law enforcement
  • Fire and rescue
  • Government agencies
  • Marine asset security

When 30 to 35 knots is just not enough performance, you need one or more Hann 40 Peacemakers!

The Blue Lightning 32 Catamaran by Hann
The Blue Lightning 32 Catamaran by Hann Powerboats has an LOA of 32 feet, beam of 10 feet 2 inches, and a draft of 23 inches. With optional twin Optimax 300 HP engines it has a top speed of 73.2 MPH burning 52 GPH, in a sea state 2, and settles into a cruising speed of 65 MPH, burning only 39 GPH.

Hann 18 Center Console

  • Fishing Tournament Ready
  • Splash - Go Fast - Fish - Play
  • Fast - Dry - Fuel Efficient
  • Small Package - BIG Power
  • Affordable
  • No excuses; just performance

Life style for the family through Hann Powerboats

Family, Friends, Kids, Beach, Water, Adventure, Fun, Sun Rise, Sun Sets, Together: Hann boating make all this happen!

A family, a boat, and a body of water produces joy, and endless good memories for everyone.

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